Leave the woman alone!

First of all, Holly Willoughby was deemed to be ‘abandoning’ her children by going to Oz to co-host ‘I’m a Celeb’. Now there’s outcry as she’s informed the press that she’s taking her children out of school for the duration, so they can live with her in the land Down Under. The woman can’t win! I believe the kids will, though, and here’s why…


For around 10 weeks every Autumn my Dad worked as a Sheep-Shearer in Norway. From the ages of 0 – 10, we went with him. Mum home-schooled us and when we returned to school in November we were always ahead of our classmates.


Mum made sure we had a mixed curriculum. We’d cycle into the local town, a 5-mile round trip, every day. We weren’t short of arts and crafts materials and Mum taught us how to cook and bake. We’d go out for walks in the evenings and weekends and Dad would tell us about different types of trees and we’d collect Blueberries amongst other things as we went.


At no point did I ever feel like I was missing out. Quite the opposite. I believe our time in Norway and what could be considered an ‘unconventional’ childhood/approach, has helped shape who I am today. From a young age, I communicated with peers without a shared language. I was surrounded by a different culture. Encouraged to try new foods.


I loved it.


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