When I moved to Napoli I had a range of things I was pretty set on. That’s part of the reason I started the blog, to share my experiences and use it as a little online diary for myself and to share tips for places I’ve been to.

I wanted to throw myself into learning Italian. Run or exercise every day. Be a more conscious eater. Drink less. Cook more and use my phone less.

My Italian comprehension isn’t too bad, I can stumble along through ordering, answering questions, but I really haven’t put the effort in. I guess starting two new jobs and adapting to life in Italy has taken up a fair bit of time.

I’ve definitely increased my alcohol consumption and the food has been too good not to indulge and enjoy. I have cooked more and following my holiday in August, I am now ready to wipe the slate clean and exercise more.

I was without a phone for around three weeks (it was stolen) and it was astonishing how much free time I had on my hands. Now, I obviously had that free time before I was phoneless, I just chose to scroll mindlessly through ‘content’, skim reading articles and watching countless videos of cakes being iced.

I’ve neglected myself, my learning and my writing. I’ve always been pretty terrible at keeping New Year resolutions, so instead of the Gregorian calendar, I’m going for the academic year approach… wish me luck!

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