Neapolitan Love Letter.

Naples has been home since the 18th January 2018. I moved here with my boyfriend having never visited the city before. I had been warned of crime and danger, but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with lively Napoli.

Life oozes out of every cobble, window and alleyway this city has.

The sad thing is, Napoli’s reputation precedes it and it’s often far from positive. Tourists flock to the handsome and refined neighbours; Amalfi coast, Capri and Ischia; bypassing Napoli completely. Or a day trip to Pompei and Vesuvio, ignoring the history and wonder of the New City.

I’m guilty of this. I’d always wanted to go to the Amalfi coast, the allure of Positano and Sorrento. Not to mention the glamour of Capri. Naples hadn’t even crossed my mind. I’m grateful for the opportunity, because it’s a special place. It’s the most ‘Marmite’ of all cities I’ve ever visited, I’m firmly in the love camp.

Vibrant, exciting, passionate and beautiful. Napoli has captured my heart.

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